VaR in R

This is a small capsule about the calculation of VaR in R.

Unsupervised learning 'credit card clients'

Understanding the behavior of clients of a product such as a credit card is vital to propose different marketing strategies or policies to management. Here we present, together with fourth-semester students of the Data Management subject, the unsupervised analytics application for a group of 9,000 credit card clients.

Introduction to R

This class is the collection of materials from different sources on the web. Here we have an introduction to R, some tools for DataViz, descriptive statistics, and an introduction to Rmarkdown. This class is in Spanish.

Data Visualization in R

Knowing how to do data science is also knowing how to communicate. Effective communication is the cornerstone of impactful data science. Either teaching data-related skills or reporting the latest results obtained in our statistical processes.

Index Fund to NASDAQ100.

In this post, I present a dashboard that optimizes through an Index Fund the NASDAQ💯.

An app for Value at Risk (VaR).

I designed an app 📈 to calculate a value at risk (VaR) for the stocks of NASDAQ 💯. The VaR is calculated in the individual assets and the assets portfolio.

Corporate Social Responsibility Barometer, an app of text mining.

Welcome, 👋 Together with the observatory for business sustainability, Kairós of the ICESI University, an application was made that allowed to know the corporate social responsibility of companies in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.