Corporate Social Responsibility Barometer, an app of text mining.

Welcome, 馃憢 Together with the observatory for business sustainability, Kair贸s of the ICESI University, an application was made that allowed to know the corporate social responsibility of companies in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Visit the app: Barometer

驴What is Kair贸s?

The Observatory for business sustainability, Kair贸s, created in 2017, is a space for observation and analysis of business practices in business sustainability. The main objective is to contribute to the generation of knowledge on business responsibility and sustainability through the analysis of the practices and strategies of Colombian companies with a multidisciplinary approach.

In this application, the objective is to evaluate the disclosure index on topics such as employment, environment, community, consumers and products, human rights and the economy.

We analyze the sustainability reports of companies through text mining. This allows different measurements to be calculated by company, sector and country.


Orlando Joaqui Barandica
Orlando Joaqui Barandica
PhD(C) in Industrial Engineering

My research interests include energy markets, asset and liability management, quantitative finance, applied econometrics and statistical, and data visualization.