IFABS 2021 Oxford Conference

I was at the IFABS 2021 conference in Oxford. Unfortunately, due to the persistent uncertainty caused by the evolution of the pandemic, the conference was held virtually. Here, you can find the presentation (Slides)πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ« that I presented at the conference.

Visit the presentation: Slides

I feel very fortunate to have been to IFABS 2021, and much more, that it was the first conference I attend in the development of my PhD. An experience that helps me grow a lot personally and academically. And it’s a great starting point for new goals.

Special thanks to my thesis supervisors: Diego F. Manotas and Jorge M. Uribe, as well as to the School of Industrial Engineering of the Universidad del Valle.

Commonality, macroeconomic factors and banking profitability

Slides πŸ–₯️