An app for Value at Risk (VaR).

I designed an app 📈 to calculate a value at risk (VaR) for the stocks of NASDAQ 💯. The VaR is calculated in the individual assets and the assets portfolio.

Visit the app: Value at risk

Value at Risk (VaR)

The Value at Risk (VaR) is one of the measures used to assess the risk of a certain position or portfolio of financial assets. The definition of VaR can be done in terms of profitability or in terms of profit and loss of profit and loss (nominal terms); the definition also depends on whether it applies to a long position (bought), as usual, or a short position (sold) on a financial asset.

The VaR then answers the question: What is the fall or loss that could be suffered under normal market conditions in a time interval and with a certain level of probability or confidence?

That is, it indicates the probability (usually 1% or 5%) of suffering a certain loss during a period of time (normally 1 day, 1 week or 1 month).

Therefore, the VaR is nothing more than a certain percentile of the probability distribution predicted for the variations in the market value of the portfolio in the chosen time horizon.


Orlando Joaqui Barandica
Orlando Joaqui Barandica
PhD(C) in Industrial Engineering

My research interests include energy markets, asset and liability management, quantitative finance, applied econometrics and statistical, and data visualization.